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dwseason5's Journal

Doctor Who Season Five

PREMISE: An alternate Doctor Who season five. In which Donna Noble rediscovers herself, Torchwood finds all sorts of useful technology, the Doctor and the Master just can't get rid of each other, the past doesn't stay where it should, and Time starts to heal.

DISCLAIMER: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC. I am making absolutely no money from this and am losing valuable time sleeping. It's all in good fun.

SPOILER WARNING: Be warned for SPOILERS both for the end of season three and the end of season four. In fact, if you haven't seen the end of season four, turn back now.

RATING WARNING: Assume this is more on the Torchwood than the Doctor Who end of things. This project contains vague onscreen sexing, although no more intense creepy darkness than you find in the average Who episode, really.

CONTENT WARNING: As a Whofan, I have Views. Among others, they include [1] the Doctor and the Master are totally doing it, [2] Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, and Team Torchwood are made of win, and [3] Rose's story in relation to the Doctor is done. If any of the above makes you want to throw tomatoes at me, also turn back now.

UNENDING THANKS: To fahye, for lending me her eyai and acting as a sounding board and cheerleader; to deutscheami, for her graphics skillz, and for putting up with my madness the first time around and then doing it again.

WAIT, SO IS THIS A CONTINUATION OF dwseason4? No. Same person writing them both, and similarly named, but this is not a follow-up season. The s4 project was a fix-it for Last of the Time Lords; this is my fix-it for Real Season Four, and Journey's End particularly, and will more or less chronologically follow that ending.

AND YOU ARE...? ariastar! Why I am I doing this? I had a really fun time last year, for starters, and again I felt in need of epic fix-it fic. If you think this project is cool, stop by and say hello, or check out ariafic, where I keep the rest of my writing.